Content that is easily readable to people and is also optimized for search engine spiders is known as SEO copywriting. Content that has been searching engine optimized contains all targeted terms which are inserted into the content naturally without breaking the flow of the sentence so that it is easily understood. Search engines then discover the terms that will be used to rank your site in the SERPs.


Many people find themselves disappointed in SEO copywriting because it is often not done properly and the keywords are not inserted naturally ruining the sense of the content. On the other hand, skilled SEO copywriting will result in highly readable content as the keywords are added as an integral part of the sentences. In this article, we will be talking about various tips on what makes SEO copywriting effective and how to do it the right way.

Maintaining a high content to code ratio is critical for your SEO if you really want long-term results. So what is a high content to code ratio? It’s the content to code ratio that exists on your page. This can best be determined by viewing the source code on your page, which will reveal the HTML code. Make sure your text is higher than your HTML code in order to reach a good ratio. The search engines will love your site if you get this ratio right. The cleaner your site is, with more content and less HTML code, the better you’ll rank with the search engines.


Make required text bold – why? This is mainly because people see bold words as strong hooks that attract attention to the prominent words. Google is aware of this factor and they also know how people perceive the bold text. Because bolded text is essential to the human readership, Google has adopted it as an SEO element. The outcome you should be after with your content is to impress readers while also providing search engines the components they need to rank your page as high as possible.

And last but not least, it’s best to use 4-5 keywords max in your file names. Any SEO expert would tell you that having keywords in your file name will help you with SEO. Not only that, but it’s logical to use these keywords when naming the directory where the file will be kept. To conclude, writing for search engines should be top priority if you want the kind of ranking, as well as organic traffic that converts, that your site deserves.